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I am very thankful and grateful for the materials found on your website as I have been so blessed studying them. They have brought me to a better and correct understanding about God as well as taught me about the history of our SDA church and how this precious truth has been obscured and changed so subtly over time. 



Hi Neville,


Thank you for contacting me. Not only did Andrea create a fire in me, she lit an Inferno! I can’t get enough! I was baptized at the age of 11, but it not until recently, at the age of 57, that have developed a seemingly unquenchable thirst for greater knowledge of His word and a closer relationship to God and his son, Jesus Christ.


Thank you.




Translated from Italian

I thank you for your help in coming to an understanding of the trinity deception, which I did believe, but now know it is a delusion within the SDA church I attended. They led me to think they had the truth about God and the True Church, at a very sad and difficult time in my life. But after having believed many people, I am now without a doubt in the truth.


There are wolves in the flock. James White wrote about these; quoted; (James White, January 24, 1846, The Day Star) Referencing Jude 3,4.






A little over a year ago, God blessed me, through my brother, with the revelation that there is no “trinity.” For me, it was a relief, as though a burden had been lifted. Strangely enough, I never thought much about the trinity

concept; I simply accepted it through the teaching of the Catholic Church.


I left the Catholic religion several years ago and became an SDA. Shortly thereafter, I was disappointed

to find how “top-heavy” it was in terms of the Conferences and their practices and doctrines -- similar to the Catholic Church. But I still didn’t question it because the trinity concept never really came up, and when it did, it was such a basic belief, why would you?


So I was surprised at how readily I accepted it (the truth) -- it was immediate -- and how relieved I felt. Since then, it has greatly enhanced my relationship with the Father and the Son -- it’s been a very close and personal feeling. I feel I know them so much better -- I have a deeper understanding of their sacrifice to humankind, their infinite love and mercy, their perfection. I WANT to strive to be a better person for them, to please them, and I ask for their Holy Spirit daily to help me in my life. It’s no longer a mysterious, distant relationship with some gods “up there” -- it’s now PERSONAL and real.


Anyway, I have the greatest admiration and respect for Bill Pinto and all of our fellow nontrinitarians for their teaching of the truth. While we are in the minority in terms of what “everyone” believes, it is so comforting to know that we have each other and are in the truth and have returned to the roots of Seventh-day Adventism.


Thank you so much for what you are doing!



Dear Friends, 


Thank you so much for sending this lovely, informative paper. I am so thankful to have become acquainted with you and your ministry and for the precious truths that you are presenting from God’s Word. 

I have to say that I am so grateful to finally understand this extremely important topic and am concerned for my brothers and sisters who do not get it. I can understand the blindness as I was there before; however, the difference is, by God’s grace alone, I was willing to do the research once the topic was brought to my attention a couple of times. I am praying for my friends that they will follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit as He woos their hearts. 

My husband has demonstrated a newfound interest in spiritual things due to this truth. We have met for “home church” at our house twice with other like believers and are spending more time together studying spiritual things. We are currently reading the book, Early Writings. 

May God richly bless your ministry. Thank you so much. 

Sincerely your sister in Christ, 




Hi brother,

I believe the Lord set me straight as I read thru the first book Friday night.  I believe Jesus to be the ONLY begotten Son who had a beginning and came forth from the Father who is His God and mine.  Christ is equal to the Father in all aspects being the express image and true direct Son.  Of this I'm convinced and I thank you for the material.  I will continue to read and let you know where I stand on the matter of the Holy Spirit later.  



To RM, 

By denomination, I’m not a SDA. I was raised in a Baptist family. However in 2010 my family were converted into the faith through street evangelism by a young speaker, Gideon. 

But it was only then in 2014 when I met a student from Solomon Islands at University of Papua New Guinea who gave me soft copies of the lessons, books, audio and video recordings from Restitution Ministries that I truly began to understand the truths presented. These materials have changed many lives and I’m always passionate to share them with others. 

Right now, I worship with our newly launched ministry, Truth Repairers and Restorers after a split with our former Pastor on the basis which our elders perceived as unfavourable to the scriptures. 

We have the heart and desire to see this precious truth of the Godhead message and other truths, to reach every corner of our nation, the Pacific and the world. Therefore, we promote these truths in our teaching and ministries. 

Thank you. 



First I would like to thank you for your ministry. I have studied the trinity issue now for almost 2 years and am so thankful for your weekly posts…I am amazed how little interest there is, as I try to share the truth in Stanwood. I had one of my friends tell me not to talk about it in church. Another time one of the Elders took Zachariah and I in front of the Pastor and said it was of Satan, even though he admitted he hadn’t studied it. I can’t stop talking about it until they tell me to leave. 

Thank you for your help. 




My family and I through Gods leading and Bible study no longer believe in the trinity as set forth by the SDA church. 



Good morning and greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord.


History took place on Tuesday as we were given a green light to see the president of Fiji. It was a blessed day for Pastor David, his wife, Lily and myself. We took some of the SOP and Godhead books you sent with us. We had a pro table hour of sharing and we prayed for the president. We saw the hand of God moving ahead of us. Please pray for our only Seventh Day President in the whole world. 


Please thank the church members for the lovely and interesting books that were sent to us. They are a blessing despite the cost of getting the pallet out of customs and biosecurity. I started to give away books in the shipment store house to all the workers even the custom’s officer.


God bless you brother Tom, Bill and all RM members.



Brother Tom, I really do appreciate RM as this has been an encouraging inspiration (a true breath of life) to my soul that there is a ministry out there that is trying to honestly contend for truth, with a willingness to build the old waste places and raise up the foundations of many generations.  I praise God for that.

May we continue to run the race as we reach for the prize.



Hi my name is Benjimin 


I Thank you for sharing this truth! I studied the truth for years but still missed this deception. How cunning Satan is. I have studied this topic thoroughly, and found everything you said against the trinity true! Now I teach others about this false doctrine so others can be freed from this great lie. 


I have been studying the truth since I became a SDA 17 years ago, I have learned about other deceptions also, but this is one of the biggest deception I've seen in the Adventist Church. 

A remnant of a remnant. I pray others will accept this truth because it will cost us our salvation if we don't. 


I pray your ministries become very successful in reaching others like me so no one is lost to this lie! 



What a blessing it was to read the third person of the Godhead.  I rejoice with you in the Truth.  God is very good!  Hallelujah. I forwarded the booklet to my pastor friend Michael.  I hope to receive a response soon.


I’m more convicted than ever before, regarding this beautiful non-Trinitarian truth. I do not see how anyone can remain Trinitarian after watching this [The third Person of the Godhead by Bro Bill].


God bless your ministry.



Thank you so much brethren. What wonderful "Sabbath School Lessons Replies" these are. I believe, that truthfully the Spirit of Christ is working in you to bless many. I am forwarding these writings to the Pastor of Cedar Home SDA Church and others.  At church they told me; inside church I can't talk about spiritual things regarding the teachings that are contrary to the General Conference teachings, however, outside the church I am free to talk. 


The Spirit of Christ impressed me to send the Replies to few people. I meet on line with a brother in a SDA independent ministry, who was not openly confessing the truth because of retribution.  But he is so hungry he told me, can you please send me the current SS lesson replies. I did this morning.  He was exposed to another Godhead movement but I told him about Restitution Ministries, so as not to succumb to the errors of the other brethren who need to renounce many errors. 


Glory to God Our Father and His Glorious Son Jesus Christ our Redeemer, it is my prayer to pray and support your work with all that we have in service for the Kingdom of Our Living God, Lord Jesus Christ with you.


In Agape of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit.



Dear Brother Tom


After going through the materials that you sent, I've come to a solid understanding that the views promoted by Ps. David Clayton and his cohorts are in total contradiction with the Bible; they do not harmonize with the Bible.


Yours in Christ.



Dear Brother Tom, 


Thanks for these.  I copied the one for Lesson 2 and had it with me for yesterday's Lesson study at the Elgin, TX SDA Church.  And early on it was apparent that this lesson would be used by our teacher (a very dear, gentle and seemingly teachable woman - Thelma) to espouse the separate nature of the Holy Spirit.  Brother Matthew was at my side (I had texted him the night before that I had planned to stand up to any such teaching in the  SS class), so calmly and normally I raised my hand and interjected that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ and of the Father according to Romans 8:9-11 and that Genesis 1:2, 3 said this as well.  She seemed taken back by my this statement, but said without any evidence that she believed He is the Third Person of the Godhead.  I again cited more verses (1 Peter 1:11; Colossians 1:27) to which others chimed in vowing their belief as well, without any real evidence.  Then the speaker for the Divine Service message raised his hand and read 1 John 5:7 saying this leaves no doubt that there are 3 separate persons in the Godhead; but I told him to please read the next verse, saying they simply "agree in one," not that they are one God.   He then cited without reference DA 671, first part, to which I gratefully read the entire context which says, "Christ has given His Spirit as a divine power to overcome all hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil, and to impress His own character upon His church."  He didn't go any further at that time - although, in his message he alluded to a breakup in the Houston area SDA churches over this issue.  I did not take up a great deal of time here, because I don't want to abuse my privilege as a speaker at this church (I am giving the message next week!).  Doubtless there will come further opportunities to witness to this wonderful Truth - our church needs prayer!  And I did give the speaker aforementioned a copy of Building on the Solid Rock, as well as the DVD study on Who is the Holy Spirit from Brother Bill you gave to me - he said he would go through it.  Please pray for this Brother, his name is Salvador.  Further, Matthew and I had a wonderful extended phone conversation later on Sabbath, working through many of the issues he still had, and at the end he texted, "I'm 100% convinced.  Wonderful feeling.  This is how Martin Luther felt about the Eucharist."


Praise God, Amen!  I look forward to greater blessings, whatever the outcome, in the future.


God bless you all.



Tom, I truly don't know how to thank you, Stefan and Neville so much for the help that you extend to us. There isn't a shadow of a doubt that you all are indeed blessed and are worshiping the true God of the Bible; as it is completely evident in your actions. I honestly have never witnessed this type of a relationship among church brothers and sisters before. The presence of the Lord does indeed bring others closer to each other and him. 


God bless you all. (I stand in awe at the wonder of it all, it is truly amazing to see him shining through).



Thank you for this sermon [The Desire of Ages and the Godhead]. You presented clearer than ever the understanding of the Comforter being given to the Christian dispensation. I finally get it. I'm both grateful and fortified. 

God bless you!



Good news Tom. 4 more people have found the truth about God against the Trinity error.  I asked my friend Carole to talk to our other friend when Carole returned here from NY. I had told our friend about the truth, but I knew she needed to hear it from another. So, Carole planted another seed & our friend text me late last night saying she watched a video & now her & her husband see the Trinity is false. She said “we have a work to do”. She's a Health Ministry leader. So now we have people that know truth in 3 local SDA Church's. The other 2 are my friends from St Pete SDA church which I shared with before, & gave them a booklet, even though they didn't believe it then. But, I knew they needed diapers so God had me text my friend today & tell her I wanted to buy diapers after work & I sent that same video. She watched it with her husband & now they believe. The husband said " why did I miss that before when it's so clear?" He'll be a powerful spokesperson for this truth. 


God bless you my brother.



Hello Brother Tom, 


The Spirit of God is blessing.  Here is today's text from our Brother Matthew:  "I'm at peace in my mind and heart about the Godhead.  I will always continue my study and keep my eyes open but right now I wouldn't trade this gem for anything.  Another man you can pray for is Colin.  He lives in Tyler and is watching the videos I'm sending [From Restitution Ministries] The evidence is clear, that what makes Jesus God, is his birthright.  What makes the Father and Jesus one, is their Spirit.  It’s just that simple....Understanding is my riches.  Yes, I'm not looking to give it up.  For the first time I was able to explain the Godhead to another friend.  It was clear and made 100% logical sense.  My whole life I had to use silly analogies and strange parallels to help others try and understand something I also didn't understand."


Praise God!  Please also pray for Colin and our continued work here.


God bless you all.



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