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What is Sin? Are we Born Sinners?

A compilation of statements from the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy and the pioneers regarding sin, fallen nature, and the state of babies at birth.

'Born-Sinners' Teachings Examined

The false claims made by those who believe that babies are born sinners is addressed in this book, while using the Bible to differentiate between sin and sinful nature.

Original Sin Part 1

This is a transcript of a sermon titled 'Original Sin Part 1'.

Original Sin Part 3

This is a transcript of a sermon titled Original Sin Part 3.

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Born-Sinners: Answers to Objections

This book provides answers to questions and objections regarding sin, the nature of Christ, and the nature of man.

The Law of Sin vs the Law of the Spirit

A transcript of a sermon 'The Law of Sin vs the Law of the Spirit' based upon the book of Romans. 

Original Sin Part 2

This is a transcript of a sermon titled Original Sin Part 2.

The Human Nature of Christ

A transcript of a sermon about the human nature of Christ and how it relates to sin and the state of babies at birth.

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