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Original EGW Books

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A graphic presentation of our Lord’s sermon on the mount—

Such is the title of this volume, written in the chaste and eloquent language characteristics of the author.

The interested reader soon finds himself
transported to the mountainside, where, with the thronging multitude, he listens to wonderful
lessons fraught with pity and love from the lips of Him “who spake as never man spake.”

This peerless book combines the commentary, as well as the most assuring instruction for all, and it is charmingly adapted as a gift book.

Stress can cripple you—

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles demand relief.  Personal disappointments, broken family relationships and job related stresses are crippling thousands.

Published in more than 100 languages, this easy-to-read, easy-to-follow guide, offers lasting solutions to the challenges of everyday stress.

Discover what millions of readers around the world have discovered;

Steps to Christ is...
A book for people in need

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The Storm Is Coming!

Since the beginning of this earth’s history there have been two supernatural powers contending for supremacy of the world: one seeking to establish a kingdom built on laws of love and truth; the other, on the laws of selfishness and deception.

This warfare, involving the entire world, touches every life.  In fact, this earth has become the final battleground where the powers of evil and the powers of good have met to demonstrate before humanity whose right it is to rule the expanse of creation.  These two contending powers are poised, and the great and final battle, the battle to end all battles, is about to take place before our very eyes.

The Great Controversy unveils these two forces at work in human history and in the events that are soon to change the course of this world forever.

With laser-light accuracy The Great Controversy will:
         Illuminate the dark modern deceptions;
         Unveil the real thief of our freedoms;
         Reveal the refuge for the great coming crisis.

This book is a must-read for all people.
It has a message that transcends culture, nationality, and religious affiliations.  These truths impact us all.

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