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VIDEO SERMONS: Heart Preparation

Join our key speakers as they explore the sacred truths imbedded in the Word of God.

Baptism, Forgiveness and the Second Death

The Character of the Last Generation

Dustin Butler

The Death of Christ and Victory Over Sin

Baptised in the Sea

The Battle For Your Life Series

The Place of Scripture: And Indispensible Weapon - Bob Higgs

Six Hours to Be Saved

Behold the Serpent and Live

Newton's Third Law

Thou Hast Kept the Word of My Patience

3 = 2

Neville Doherty

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Sabbath or Sunday?

What Does the Bible Say?

The Experience of the Last Generation

Dustin Butler

Why Does God Permit Suffering?

Testimonies to the Church Vol.1 Part 1

The Defender of God

The Battle For Your Life Series

Do Not Linger Around Temptation - Bob Higgs

The Remnant of Her Seed

The Truth About Forgiveness

Righteousness by Faith

Robert Burness

Buy the Truth and Sell it Not

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