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In Loving Memory of Silvia Hewitt

Sylvia was the dear wife of Peter Hewitt for 35 years and was a great support and helper in the ministry. Unfortunately, while on a missionary trip to Busia Western Kenya in May 2009, Sylvia contracted cerebral malaria and passed away. She was a very godly woman who was loved by all.

2018 Reports

Past Newsletters

Key Missionary Materials

"These studies (also given as talks): 'God Is Not Mocked' and 'My People Are Destroyed' are generally how we start with a Sunday church or market. We find it's the best way to find the ones that are interested. We have wasted a lot of time in the past giving uplifting and exciting messages. But to wake up the walking dead you have to shake them!" - Peter Hewitt

More Byways than Highways

June 21, 2018

This year, the wet season arrived with a bang. Peter's latest report is filled with stories of self-sacrificing men determined to share the waking messages of our time despite pouring rain, treacherous roads, and the ongoing threat of malaria.


"As you can see this is a more byways than highways ministry. We know the Lord will finish his work in a simple and practical way, we just have to do the leg work, there’s no way around it...." - Peter Hewitt

Updates from Kennedy and Peter

March 29, 2018

Preaching at the markets continues daily; a new technique is employed for the radio program; and the workers expand into new towns and distant areas.

Happy New Year - Not Many More to Go!

December 31, 2017

"Our candlestick is the radio tower and our two horn speakers on the front of our car." - Peter Hewitt

In this first edition of Kenya News for 2018, Peter tells of more market street-preaching stories, and shares photos that will warm your heart. He also shares a small study that the team is currently using at the markets to touch the hearts of the people. 


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2017 Reports

The Blessing of Radio

September 30, 2017

Restitution Ministries Kenya is now broadcasting from a radio station on top of Mt Elgon every Friday night from 7 pm till 8.30 with an extra 30-minutes free time to answer questions from the public.

Last Friday was our first night and the response was good, we ended up going an hour overtime free of charge. The two guys running the station were smiling and nodding their heads as they jotted down the verses. They really liked our message and will be encouraging people to tune into our talks every Friday.​

The station also goes into Uganda and all the way down the rift valley to Narok.​ We see this as the Lords leading to reach so many people. It is also a great way to prepare people in different towns when we will be there for crusades.

Take care and God Bless

Peter ​


Kennedy's Mission Report

July 31, 2017

Kennedy's update from the land of Kenya is filled with inspiration and hope. His motivation for writing was simple:

"Brethren I would like to share with you how Christ is moving on the hearts of men." - Kennedy 



Our History

April 04, 2017

"This is our book of acts. It’s definitely not finished. As I sit here and think back it’s like I have been running for years. It’s a funny feeling because I never look back." - Peter Hewitt

Established as the International Bible School in 2004 and renamed Restitution Ministries Kenya in 2016, Brother Peter Hewitt shares the story of over a decade of gospel work in East Africa.  

Photo from left to right: Ben and Granger 


My Testimony: Elius Wanyonyi

March 09, 2017

"Since Elius was baptized he has been ever busy calling us to come and preach in the churches in his area. The response has been very encouraging. We now have several small groups out there that we visit mid-weekly." - Peter Hewitt


A special testimony describing how one man was led to a knowledge of the truth through RM Kenya and how his religious life has been ignited ever since.



Updates from Peter

December 31, 2016

"Over the last six months we have worked hard but the joy we feel as we see Gods hand in our lives just makes us love him more and more." - Peter Hewitt

Providential meetings, preparing the land, building a school, street preaching in markets, baptisms, churches, and an amazing story about bees! An update from the land of Kenya covering the months of April - December 2016.


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