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Home Church Fellowship in Texas

We have a young home church in Texas where we worship every Sabbath. If you'd like to receive more information about where we are and what we're studying, please email us at

Get to Know Us

Below is a sample of sermons by Brother Michael so that you can get to know him better!

The Comforter Part 1

Michael Morell

The Comforter Part 2

Michael Morell

Grounded and Settled

Michael Morell

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My Testimony: Michael Morell

August 12, 2017

From the Christian Science Church to a rebellious youth, and finally returning to God through the prayers of his faithful mother, Michael's story bears testament to the mighty power and providence of God. After learning the truth about the Father and Son, Michael was once again set on fire for the Lord with a new zeal to share the unfathomable love of God for man.

December 17' Camp Meeting in Texas

January 21, 2018

Our meetings this weekend were an unqualified success with at least 30 people coming for the main Sabbath fellowship and lesser amounts on both Friday night and Sunday. The meetings were all of high interest especially a set of two involving a response to a very recent BRI (Biblical Research Institute) document on the Trinity.


One wonderful testimony to relate involves Brother Matthew’s best friend Justin who attended the meetings on Sabbath. We are all happy to say he has accepted in principle the one true God and will be a “force to reckon with” in spreading the Truth to his area in Louisiana where he lives. We pray for him and his family and look forward to hearing more from him as his faith, knowledge and influence strengthen!

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