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Is Islamic Terrorism in Bible Prophecy?

November 13, 2015
“Paris attacks: More than 120 killed in concert hall siege, bombings and shootings; suspected
terrorists dead” - ABC News

March 22, 2016
“Brussels: Islamic State launches attacks on
airport and station” - The Guardian

July 14, 2016
“Nice terror attack, France: Truck crashes into crowd on Bastille Day 2016” -

May 22, 2017
“At least 22 killed, 59 injured in suicide attack at Manchester Arena” - The Guardian

Our world has been filled with war from its earliest times. And in these conflicts, particularly in modern warfare, civilians have often been among the casualties. Today, however, the world is facing a different kind of warfare. A warfare in which innocent civilians are being directly targeted. 

Military weapons, AK 47’s, grenades and explosives are being used in cafes, concert halls, and train stations.Motor vehicles are being driven at high speeds into crowds of families, tourists, and children. And these attacks of a global scale are only becoming the more frequent. It can truly be called terrorism. 

Indeed, all too frequently we witness the anger, outrage and solidarity of the world’s leaders against these cowardly and unprovoked terror attacks on innocent civilians. So it’s natural to wonder how all this insanity will end. Especially today, when even a baby in its mother’s arms is no longer safe. And when in one’s own city, the next attack is being planned by some deranged soul who thinks he’s a martyr for a sacred cause. 

Can there ever be peace again?

Will the world triumph over this ever increasing global threat to mankind?

How will all this madness end?

It’s clear that our leaders don’t have the answers. Nevertheless, there is hope. What many don’t realise is that all this was prophesied about in the Bible. And this prophecy also shows how it will end. 

Daniel chapter 11 is a prophecy written hundreds and even thousands of years before its events took place, yet history bears record to the amazing accuracy of each verse. Spanning over 2500 years, Daniel 11 chronicles some of the most significant events in this world’s history, with each prophetic verse being literally fulfilled. Now, we are living at a time when the final verse of this chapter is soon to take place.

This astonishing prophecy begins with the reign of King Darius and the Persian Empire in 522 BC, and goes on to foretell a great king of Greece, whom history knows as Alexander the Great. The rise of the Roman Empire then follows with several of its greatest generals, including Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar. Even Mark Antony and Cleopatra are described, with their exploits foretold hundreds of years before they were even born. The prophecy then foretells the reign of Caesar Augustus, as well as his “vile” successor Tiberius Caesar, who “would obtain the kingdom by flatteries”. As Daniel relates, it was under this King that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ would take place. 


In remarkable detail, Daniel 11 pinpoints all the major world empires; their leading emperors and generals; the cross of Calvary; and the rise of Christianity and its terrible persecution during the dark ages of papal supremacy. Then, the prophecy continues with the next mighty general to stamp his mark upon this world’s history. His name: Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798 and his battles against the Ottoman Turks the following year are all clearly outlined in Daniel chapter 11. Yet for us today, this prophecy isn’t simply past history. One verse remains. And we are living at the very brink of its fulfilment.

After foretelling the rise and fall of the world’s great empires, Daniel 11 outlines a final battle between a power called the King of the North and a vast coalition of opposing nations. The result of this battle concludes the King of the North’s reign. It’s also a battle which leads up to the end of this world’s history, as immediately outlined in the first three verses of Daniel 12.

The Bible declares that soon after the King of the North comes to his end, what follows will be the end of human probation; the seven last plagues falling upon the earth; the battle of Armageddon; and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Yet after the King of the North comes to his end, the world’s political and religious leaders are going to proclaim a new era of peace and safety, with no more terror, war, or bloodshed. A message which will eagerly be embraced by the undiscerning multitude. However, the Bible tells us: “when they proclaim peace and safety, sudden destruction cometh upon them”. Rather than bringing in peace and safety, the end of the King of the North will bring about the final terrifying scenes which scripture calls “the day of the Lord”.

It’s for this reason that correctly identifying the King of the North and the events which bring about his end is of immense importance. Friends, you need not be deceived. God has provided 44 prophetic verses - all accurately and historically fulfilled - just so you can have faith in the one verse that remains. 

A close study of this prophecy will reveal both the identity of the King of the North and the signs which foretell his ultimate destruction. For all who desire, there is hope. Instead of destruction, you can find deliverance. 

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